Leafy Bean Co really care where all our products come from, and try very hard to work with independent companies that have interesting products and, more importantly, enjoy a cuppa and a chat.

Our tea and coffee is, of course, at the heart of everything we do. We are beverage obsessives, passionate about flavour, our barista team make sure you’re getting a consistent coffee that’s just right for you. We weigh, dial-in and check throughout the day that your coffee is pulled just right (get your geek on!). Our espresso coffee is brewed on a La Marzocco FB80 & we really love working with this machine. Our filter coffee also plays a huge part in our brew so why not try our Guatemalan wet coffee.

Our tea’s are our own unique blend, you won’t find them anywhere else so if you’re not a coffee fan we have a tea that will suit you. We blend and produce the recipes, so it’s Leafy Bean tea you’re drinking. We hope you enjoy our good old favourites and are adventurous enough to explore the seasonal specials.

All day long you can enjoy a varied range of tasty food. Have an early morning commute? Start your day with an organic pastry from the local Celtic Bakery, or porridge on-the-go. For a laid back lunch, give our selection of trusty sandwiches a go, perhaps a handmade sausage roll, or a hearty soup to warm you up. Kick back in the afternoon and enjoy a selection of cakes and sweet things.

Leafy Bean has got you covered!