Speciality Coffee Bar


We’re Leafy Bean Company and we are here to bring you speciality tea & coffee.

We started in 2015 selling tea in the local area at market stalls until we found our cosy spot on Platform 1 of Bowes park train station, North London in the area of Bounds Green.

Laura is the founder of Leafy Bean Company, and has long dreamed of opening up a place that serves the best coffee and tea.

All are welcome at our coffee bar on the station, the best part is you don’t even need to tap in to enjoy our range of top notch coffee, our very own teas and a selection of yummy things to eat.

So come and pay us a visit, we’d love to meet you!

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Our Products

Leafy Bean has got you covered!

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Our Roaster

At Curious Roo, we’re curious by name, curious by nature.

We’re always exploring and experimenting with our coffees. Our team is dedicated to creating new, perfectly balanced roasts that give our customers a real taste of our beans origins.

Our methods are simple. We take a lot of love, great ingredients, our expertise in roasting and bring them all together with a whole heap of passion.

Here’s to Roo!

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Our Menu

Have a look at our menu of food you can enjoy throughout the day!

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Our Events

At Leafy Bean Company we want to get to know you so please come and join our events.

We offer Networking Afternoons, where you can meet some really interesting people and hardworking locals in the area over a coffee.

If you love reading, why not come and join our Book Club!

We also offer occasional entertainment afternoon, including our upcoming Coffee & Jazz tea.

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Keep in Touch

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